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Masaki Suda Playing as Lead Actor In New Movie “Character”

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Masaki Suda Playing as Lead Actor In New Movie “Character”

Kamen Rider W’s Masaki Suda will be playing a lead role in the upcoming film “Character” releasing in June 2021.

Masaki Suda will star in the upcoming film “Character,” directed by Akira Nagai. This movie is an original work by co-creators Takashi Negasaki, Genki Kawamura, and Ken Murase, who have worked on many works by manga artists such as “20th Century Boys” and “MASTER Keaton.”

Masaki Suda will play as Keigo Yamashiro, an up and coming manga artist. Yamashiro couldn’t create a villain character due to his friendly personality. He then however witnesses a murder scene and creates a character out of the criminal to create the manga “34.” Incidents then begin to occur once after another that intimidate scenes from “34.” Once Yamashiro meets the criminal of the murder case, he is at the mercy of his fate. Fukase, a vocalist from the band SEKAI NO OWARI is playing the criminal Ryokaku in this film. This will be Fukase’s first acting role in his career.

Masaki Suda commented on the film, saying he was excited to see Takashi Nagasaki after such a long time. He also mentions the importance of the theming of the film, saying that a character is also a personality trait of lifestyle. He also commented that he was surprised to be working with Fukase, and that it didnt feel like this was Fukase’s first acting role when working with him.

Takashi Nagasaki commented on the film as well, saying the film took 10 years to produce. Not much has changed on the setting, asides from the main character at the beginning was to be a female detective. Nagasaki also states that Masaki Suda was satisfied with the main character of the film, and was surprised at the shooting site.

Character will release in Japan in June 2021.

Source: Mantan Web

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