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Koichi Sakamoto Talks About Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy


Koichi Sakamoto Talks About Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Sakamoto, who has directed many tokusatsu films and series, talks about Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.

Famous Action Director Koichi Sakamoto talks about how the qualities of Ultraman are being updated to modern times.

The Ultraman series has a long history, beginning with its first creation fifty five years ago. In all those years, there were many things that fans wanted to see depicted, and so many things that have yet to be filmed. If we could create those footage, then we could add another page to the history of Ultraman. I think many would be delighted to see that. Which is why I didn’t create just one focal point, but three different stories.

In the new film Ultraman: Absolute Conspiracy, many heroes from the long line of Ultraman history will make an appearance. The story will explore the past relationship of Ultraman heroes as well as attempting new styles of action scenes.

Chapter 1 features Ultraman Powered and Ultraman Great, Ultramen who were created overseas. The former film was shot in America and the latter was in Australia. During the filming for both shows, the suit actors were performed by stuntmen from their respective overseas location so they have a different aura from Japanese suit actors. The action and movements from the scenes back then wouldn’t translate well into modern times so it had to be updated.

Chapter 2 features the first Ultraman as well as the six Ultra Brothers. Sakamoto has changed the production of the hand-to-hand fighting as well as the Ultra Beam that’s been featured in the previous productions.

All the fight scenes so far fell into a pattern of the Ultraman fighting and then finishing their opponents with their Ultra Beam. this film features hand-to-hand fighting WHILE shooting Ultra Beams at their opponents. I grew up with the Ultra Brothers and just seeing them take their stances make me shout “that’s so cool!”

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy is now streaming on YouTube.

Source: Mantan-Web

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