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TV Asahi Announces More Characters for Kamen Rider Saber

Casting Announcements

TV Asahi Announces More Characters for Kamen Rider Saber

As Kamen Rider Saber‘s debut comes closer, additional character announcements have been made, including a new Rider. 

Hiroyuki Hirayama portrays the Flame Swordsman Predecessor who holds the key to the story. He appears in Touma’s dream. A mysterious figure who stood against Calibur, the traitorous swordsman, during a disaster fifteen years ago. As he unravels the mystery from the past, he’ll find just how big of a responsibility he burdens, as he holds the key to the mystery.

Hirayama is a very experienced actor who has appeared in various movies and dramas.

Yuki Ikushima plays the Ultimate King of Parenting, Kamen Rider Buster, Touma’s good friend who wields a huge sword, and has a son named Sora. He was apparently close friends with the Dark Swordsman, Kamen Rider Calibur, and watches over Touma.

Tobi from Les Romanesques, a Paris-Based Japanese performance duo, will portray the enigmatic performer/storyteller of the series named Tasseru (spelling not yet confirmed). Coming from Wonder World, Tasseru is a mysterious figure who tells the story of Touma’s success, as if reading a story.

Whether or not he’s human, and whether or not he lives in the present, is unknown. When he interacts with Touma and the others, many mysteries come to light, and move the story forward.

Source: TV Asahi

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