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Toei Unveils New Ganbareiwa!! Robocon Movie Cast

Casting Announcements

Toei Unveils New Ganbareiwa!! Robocon Movie Cast

The classic robot character Robocon created by Shotaro Ishinomori gets a new movie coming later this month.

Toei has revealed the cast for the upcoming movie Ganbareiwa!! Robocon: Oh-La-La! The Loving Brothless Tantanmen Episode!, marking the first Robocon project in 20 years. Filming of the movie was originally scheduled for the end of April of this year, but was postponed due to the coronavirus. In June, the cast and crew were allowed to begin filming with strict guidelines in place to monitor the health and safety of all parties involved in the production.

The new movie finds the excitable red robot in a new adventure, described as follows:

In the Reiwa era, Robocon, a helper robot from a robot school, arrives at a local Chinese restaurant called Zenchyuka by falling through their ceiling! While out with Hiroshi, the son of the restaurant’s owners, to make a delivery to Granny Tornado, Robocon becomes so overexcited that he shakes up the delivery box and makes the tantanmen lose all its broth! Now having to deal with the “Brothless Tantanmen”, before long the story develops into a global uproar with Robocon’s crush, Robin, dragged into the mix! Win Robin’s heart! Aim for 100 points and do your best, Reiwa Robocon!!

The cast includes Saburo Yahshiki as Hiroshi, Yu Takahashi (Kamen Rider Kiva) and Kazuyuki Kora as Hiroshi’s mom and dad, Michiko Shimizu as Granny Tornado, Chiwa Saito (Tomica Hero Rescue Force) as the voice of Robocon, Masashi Ebara (Rider Time: Shinobi) as the voice of Professor Gantz, and Kenichi Suzumura (Ryutaros in Kamen Rider Den-O) as the voice of the “Brothless Tantanmen”.

The original series, Ganbare! Robocon, ran from 1974 to 1977 for a total of 118 episodes following Robocon’s misadventures as he tries to earn 100 Heart Points by assisting human families. The show was later rebooted in 1999 as Moero!! Robocon, leading to a direct-to-video movie where the 70’s Robocon meets up with the 90’s Robocon. The first two episodes of both series are available on Toei’s YouTube channel with English subtitles.

The new movie will open alongside the Human Body Survival anime movie in theaters across Japan on July 31.

Source: Eiga Natalie, Official Movie Website

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