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Tokusatsu Gagaga’s Fuka Koshiba Discusses Her Thoughts on the Manga’s Last Volume

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Tokusatsu Gagaga’s Fuka Koshiba Discusses Her Thoughts on the Manga’s Last Volume

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Koshiba, who portrayed Kano in the drama adaptation of Tokusatsu Gagaga, shares her thoughts about the manga.

The manga series Tokusatsu Gagaga, written by Niwa Niwa, has ended and volume 20 went on sale in late August.

Koshiba, who portrayed the protagonist Kano Nakamura says:

I was happy to portray Kano, and I was introduced to the Zyushouwan (the Sentai series in the manga). I have over 100 photos of Shishi Leo and EmerJason on my phone. They give me courage even now (laughs).

Here’s Koshiba’s message to Niwa, the author of the manga:

Congratulations on Tokusatsu Gagaga’s completion! Kano’s message of “liking what you like” has reached many others and given them courage. I’ve learned a lot from the heroes, and I’m sad that the series has ended. But I know the otaku life of Kano and Yoshida will continue. Reading about their happiness and challenges, reacting at how cool someone is or fainting in agony… thank you!

Source: Yahoo!

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