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Ryusei Yokohama Discharged From Hospital Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

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Ryusei Yokohama Discharged From Hospital Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

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Ressha Sentai ToQger’s Ryusei Yokohama has been discharged from the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19.

Actor Ryusei Yokohama was discharged from the hospital following his COVID-19 diagnosis. Yokohama, known for his portrayal of Hikari Nonomura/TOQ #4 in Ressha Sentai ToQger, was recently hospitalized after having tested positive for the coronavirus following a stage performance on July 21st.

Yokohama recently took to Instagram to voice his gratitude to all of his co-stars, fans, and especially the medical professionals who took care of him. Yokohama also strongly advised everyone to remember to take care of their hygiene and to wear masks out in public.

“I was discharged today without problems.

I apologize to everyone whom I’ve affected heavily. With the exception of my home and work, I did not step foot outside because I wanted to be thorough with prevention, so my mind was at ease to know that it went well.

It was very painful to think about my drama filming and stage practice through my stay.

I feel a great deal of responsibility for my co-stars and business associates. They seemed to be engulfed in sadness, frustration, and fear for me, but the kind words from my friends, family, co-workers and everyone who supported me helped me through it all.

And I owe a great deal of thanks to the medical professionals, who treated me with the utmost kindness despite the possibility of infection.

Everyone, even if you do take precaution against infection, you’ll never know if you do get infected so please be careful.

Wash your hands, gargle, and please be sure to remember to wear your masks at all time when you go out.”

Source: Instagram

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