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Kamen Rider Saber Officially Revealed


Kamen Rider Saber Officially Revealed

Toei has officially unveiled the newest Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Saber, which will air in early September 2020.

In a press conference Toei has unveiled the newest Kamen Rider series. The title of the series is officially called Kamen Rider Saber and it will feature a story-telling and fantasy motif.

The kanji on the right edge of the logo is 聖刃. They read as the following:

聖 / Sei – Holy/Sacred

刃 / ha – Blade

Putting them together makes the pronunciation “Seiba.”

This series will feature over ten Kamen Riders over the course of the series. The transformation items for this series are called Wonder Ride Books – the books are categorized into three types: Divine Beasts, Animals, and Stories.

In the series, a portion of the city vanishes and what appears is a new space called Wonder World. Wonder World is a place that is something almost out of a book – it is a place full of nature, fantasy creatures, and monster attacks. Kamen Rider Saber is also said to use cutting-edge video technology. The setting of a book is shown with this technology, and the transformation and action scenes will also be developed with it.

Casting Announcements

The main character is Touma Kamiyama. He is a novelist and the owner of “Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama.” Touma has a fateful encounter with a holy sword of fire, Kaenken Rekka, to become Kamen Rider Saber. Playing him is Shuichiro Naito. His catchphrase is “I decide the ending of my story.”

Naito was quoted saying:

“I will do my best to keep Kamen Rider Saber loved by everyone this year, so please support me.”

The secondary Rider in the series was revealed to be the water swordsman Shintaro Rintaro, Kamen Rider Blades, wielding a holy sword that serves love, the Suisenken Nagare. He belongs to the organization Sword of Logos. This organization is sworn to protects and keep the power of Wonder World. Kamen Rider Blades is played by Takaya Yamaguchi.

The character Makoto Hiwa was also revealed. She is an editor and is in charge of Touma. She is played by Asuka Kawazu.

She also commented on her role:

“I will do my best so that more people can love the historical Kamen Rider. Thank you!”

Ryo Aoki will play the character Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada. He is the lightning swordsman of the Sword of Logos and wields the sacred sword Raimeiken Ikazuch. He is a childhood friend of Touma.

“I am truly grateful to you for participating in this work. Thank you for your support for the next year.”

Playing Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan is Keishi Togashi, the swordsman of wind of the Sword of Logos, and wields the sword Fuusouken Hayate. He loves the Sage and the Sage’s swordsmanship. He has a deep rivalry with Touma, the Sage’s Childhood friend.

Tetsuo Ohataji is a mechanic who maintains the swords of the Sword of Logos and the Wonder Ride Books. He is played by Hiroaki Oka.

Playing the character Sophia is Rina Chinen. Sophia, along with the chosen swordsmen, protect the great books that made the world and is a member of the Sword of Logos.

Also revealed were the characters Rejeeru (Ryu Takano), Zuosu (Koji Saikawa), Sutoriusu (Robin Furuya). They are all a part of an organization who plans on recreating the world using a black book called an “Alter Book.”

Ryu Takano(Left), Robin Furuya (Middle), and Koji Saikawa (Right)

Production Staff

Production staff for Kamen Rider Saber also was revealed. Directing the series is Takayuki Shibazaki (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger). This will be the first Kamen Rider series Shibazaki has directed.

The main script writer is Takuro Fukuda. Fukuda was the main writer of Kamen Rider Ghost and has written for the series and its movie Kamen Rider Ghost the Movie: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost’s Fateful Moment. He also wrote the script for the V-Cinext Ghost RE:BIRTH Kamen Rider Specter and even the novel Kamen Rider Ghost – Memories of the Future.

Working on the music for the series is Kosuke Yamashita, who has composed for Kamen Rider Gaim prior. This will be the first Kamen Rider series Yamashita has worked on since Kamen Rider Gaim – Gaim Gaiden (2015).

The Chief Producer for Kamen Rider Saber is Kazuhiro Takashi, who has produced Kamen Rider Gaim and Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.

Ending theme

Toei during the press conference also revealed the ending theme, making this the first time since 2005’s Kamen Rider Hibiki that a Rider series has had an ending theme song. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra are the ones performing the ending theme simply titled “Kamen Rider Saber.”

Kamen Rider Saber will air on TV Asahi on September 6th, 2020.

Sources: Lady Eve, Lady Eve, Lady Eve, Lady Eve, Bandai Official Kamen Rider Toy Information Site

Note: The names of Rejeeru, Zuosu, and Sutoriusu are not the official translated names of the characters.

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