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The Rise Of Ultraman #1 Cover Art Revealed


The Rise Of Ultraman #1 Cover Art Revealed

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Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions has revealed the cover artwork for the The Rise of Ultraman #1, illustrated by Alex Ross.

Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions has revealed the cover artwork for the first issue of The Rise of Ultraman. Comic book artist and writer Alex Ross painted the illustration, depicting Ultraman standing above a crowd of people.

The creators of the comic also have been working on a new take on the Ultraman story. Shin Hayata, the protagonist of the series, wants to protect humanity from Kaiju attacks. He then ends up connecting with an alien that gives him the power to fight the Kaiju. However, in the usual Marvel storytelling style, its not always as it seems. Shin will find out he needs more than the strength of Ultraman alone to fight against the Kaiju.

Writing The Rise of Ultraman is Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and Mat Grom (Self/Made) and illustrating the series is Francisco Manna. Michael Cho will be behind the back-up feature of the first issue: Ultra Q. This feature will retell the first entry of the Ultraman universe, updating it “the Marvel way.”

The Rise of Ultraman #1 will release this September. Over the next few months more information on the upcoming comic series will be revealed through

Source: Ultraman Galaxy

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