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Ultra Soft Vinyl To Add Geed Royal Mega Master And Chimeraberus


Ultra Soft Vinyl To Add Geed Royal Mega Master And Chimeraberus

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Ultraman Geed Royal Mega Master and Chimeraberus from the Ultra series to receive Ultra Soft Vinyl figures.

Bandai has announced the latest addition to their Ultra Soft Vinyl figure line-up. From the Ultra series, Ultraman Geed Mega Master and Chimeraberus will be receiving their own Ultra Soft Vinyl figures. Chimeraberus is a Belial Fusion Monster form orb Ultraman Belial. Royal Mega Master is Ultraman’s Geed’s strongest Fusion Rise form, which debuted in episode 17 of Ultraman Belial.

The Ultraman Geed Royal Mega Master Ultra Soft Vinyl figure will be available for release on May 16, 2020. The Chimeraberus Soft Vinyl Figure will also release on the same date. Both figures will cost 660 yen.

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