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Hiro Mizushima Reveals Kamen Rider Role To Daughter

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Hiro Mizushima Reveals Kamen Rider Role To Daughter

The actor Hiro Mizushima has decided his eldest daughter could learn of his past role as the star of Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Actor Hiro Mizushima updated his blog with a story about how his 4-year-old daughter recently learned of her father’s past as a Kamen Rider. From the post, Mizushima tells the story of how his daughter had been asked by friends if he was or wasn’t a Kamen Rider, leading her to ask him herself on multiple occasions. After thinking it over, Mizushima finally decided it was time to come clean and admit to her, “Yes, your dad used to be a Kamen Rider.” As a result, his daughter now carries a soft vinyl Kabuto figure which she refers to as “Kabuto-papa” around with her everywhere, such as while watching TV, eating, and going to bed. When he asked her why she now carries her “new friend” with her everywhere, she replied, “It makes me feel better because it’s like dad is protecting me all the time.”

Mizushima is best known for that starring role as Tendou Souji/ Kamen Rider Kabuto in 2006’s Kamen Rider Kabuto; a character with a love for cooking and sayings from his grandmother. From there, he has gone on to star in several drama series and movies like Hana-KimiBlack Butler, and BECK before starting a family in 2009. In 2016, Mizushima had a multi-episode appearance on the HBO series Girls. In October 2019, Mizushima decided to start his own YouTube channel with a focus on demonstrating how to cook Japanese dishes and even had his Kamen Rider Kabuto co-star Yuki Sato (Kagami Arata/ Kamen Rider Gatack) on as a guest to try his cooking and catch up.

Source: Livedoor News, Hiro Mizushima’s Blog

Actor, Tokusatsu enthusiast, cosplayer, host of Rider Rewind & co-host of the Beyond the Black Rims on YouTube.

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