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Ultraman Presents The Five Ultra Oaths 2020


Ultraman Presents The Five Ultra Oaths 2020

The Ultraman Foundation released a new video with the original Ultraman presenting the updated Five Ultra Oaths for 2020.

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Ultraman Foundation released a special video on the official Ultraman YouTube channel asking children to take the Five Ultra Oaths which have been updated for 2020. These new Ultra Oaths provide advice for social distancing, sanitary habits, and having faith in the future. The video has been embedded below.

The new Five Ultra Oaths are as follows:

  1. Do your best to stay at home.
  2. Gargle and rinse your mouth properly.
  3. Keep washing your hands until you sang your favorite song to the end.
  4. Get what exercise you can at home, and move your body.
  5. Keep doing what you can, and don’t give up.

The original Five Ultra Oaths presented advice for taking care of oneself and enjoying life. These were first updated in 2011 as a response to the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and presented advice relevant to moving past those natural disasters.

In addition to Ultraman, many other tokusatsu heroes (and villains) throughout history have been offering support for victims of COVID-19 like Rio Komiya (Juru Atsuta/KiramaRed) and for children who have been affected by the changes the virus has caused.

Source: Ultraman Official YouTube Channel

A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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