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Shochiku x Toei Collaborative Film Cleaning Up After the Giant Monster Announced


Shochiku x Toei Collaborative Film Cleaning Up After the Giant Monster Announced

The two rival companies Toei and Shochinku are working on a joint project Cleaning Up After the Giant Monster.

Toei and Shochinku, the two rival movie companies are working together on a new joint project. Titled Cleaning Up After the Giant Monster, it is a new comedy film the two companies are making. The movie is about a task force that is in charge with cleaning up after a kaiju battle.

Tasked with cleaning up the scene of the crisis is Arata, who works directly under the Prime Minister. Yukino Amane, a former fiancee appears and together with Arata will take on the task of “cleaning up a huge corpse.”

Directing and scriptwriting the project is Satoshi Miki, who has been apart of the “Aging Police” series as well as “Tamori Club.”

Playing the character of Arata is Ryosuke Yamada of Hey! Say! JUMP. Tao Tsuchiya is playing the character of Yukino Amane, who portrayed Princess Emerana in Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial.

The project itself was first introduced to Toei about five years ago. Originally set to have a lower budget, the film eventually became set to become a larger scale project after the two companies spoke. The movie will approach the effects of the death of a kaiju has on the country, describing the environmental and political issues of it.

Currently shooting is set to begin spring of 2020 and is scheduled to be released after 2020.

Source: Toei Official Website

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