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Toei to Take Corrective Action Regarding Work Practices


Toei to Take Corrective Action Regarding Work Practices

The anonymous employee who filed a lawsuit against Toei has held a press conference this week to discuss the company’s work practices.

The Chuo Labor Standards Inspection Office has recommended correction action to Toei Company for working its employees beyond the legal limit and not paying a proper wage for their overtime.

The anonymous female employee (in her 20s, currently on leave) reported her circumstances to Sougo Support Union in fall of last year. This past week, she held a press conference in Tokyo on April 14 to go over the the situation.

She said. “Kamen Rider is a hero of justice. I don’t think it’s righteous to work in such a place, dying for the love of the work, and to have rampant work practices that do not comply with the Labor Standards Act. I wondered whether it was right to indict them for destroying the dreams of a television show aimed towards children, but I hope that people who have been hurt in this same industry will feel more comfortable speaking out.”

Toei acknowledged the decision for corrective action and already has plans to implement them.

They responded, “With regard to the overtime hours and other issues that was brought up by the anonymous employee, we have received a decision from the Labor Standards Inspection Office to which the said employee filed a complaint, and we are taking steps based on that decision. With regard to the corrective action recommendation regarding the employee, a report on remediation has already been submitted.”

Source: Bengo4

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