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Next Time on Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode 1

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Next Time on Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode 1

 A new team is formed to fight the Yodonheim army in the first episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager, “Mashin is Born!”

Episode 1: Mashin is Born!

Screenplay written by Naruhisa Arakawa
Directed by Kyouhei Yamaguchi

Dark clouds suddenly come flooding over the daily peace. That peace is lost in but an instant. The beautiful gemstone country Crystalia was invaded by the dark empire Yodonheim, but their next target is Earth, and they begin their invasion. An enormous monster from the sky, the wicked masked animal Jaguchi Hirudon causes all kinds of destruction, while on the ground the Yodon army’s soldier Bechat is overrunning the people, putting the city into a huge panic. But there are heroes on Earth who will save everyone from this unprecedented crisis.

In order to defeat the Yodon army, warriors chosen by the mysterious power of the hidden beautiful Kiramei Stones. Crystalia’s mysterious gems, the Kiramei Stones, have chosen four warriors of strong “Kiramental”– Imizu Tametomo (Rui Kihara), Hayami Sena (Yume Shinjo), Oshikiri Shiguru (Atomu Mizuishi), and Ooharu Sayo (Mio Kudo) are the four people dispatched as the Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

Meanwhile, Crystalia’s Princess Mabushina is searching for a fifth person who might resonate with the red Kiramei Stone. And then in a nearby high school classroom, she comes across an ordinary high school student named Atsuta Juuru (Rio Komiya) who continues drawing a picture even in the middle of a huge panic. The red Kiramei Stone reacts to Atsuta who is watching the battle situation. He’s thought to be the last member of the Kiramager, but Atsuta insists they have the wrong person.

Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

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