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Zero-One Gashapon Releases For February Announced


Zero-One Gashapon Releases For February Announced

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Gashapon World posted February’s gashapon releases featuring characters and items from Kamen Rider Zero-One.

This month will feature three new Kamen Rider Zero-One gashapon releases including the third Progrise Gear Collection set, the ninth Progrise Key series, and the new ColleChara figure series.

Progrise Gear Collection 3 is set to include a lineup of power-ups such as the Shining Hopper and Assault Wolf Mini Progrise Keys. The Assault Trigger can be detached from Assault Wolf for use with Shining Hopper.

Additionally, Kamen Rider Thouser’s Zaia Thousandriver will also release alongside the power-ups. The Thousandriver includes Gai Amatsu’s two primary Zetsumerise and Progrise Keys. Finally, this set will also feature the Mini RiderTiming Zi-O and BestMatching Build Progrise Keys and the Attache Arrow weapon.

Progrise Gear Collection 3 is set to release for February week 2, priced at 200 yen for each item.

Next, GP Progrise Key 09 will also bring gashapon RiderTiming Zi-O and BestMatching Build Progrise keys alongside KamenRiding Decade. While the items in the Progrise Gear Colledition are miniature items, GP Progrise Keys are full size with sound. This release also features three exclusive, rarer metallic versions of each Progrise Key.

The GP Progrise Key 09 will release for February week 3 at 300 yen each.

Finally, new gashapon Kamen Rider figures are coming in the Kamen Rider ColleChara 08. This set features Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper and Kamen Rider Horobi from Kamen Rider Zero-One. The set will also feature legacy characters, Kamen Rider Snipe, Kamen Rider Baron, Kamen Rider Kiva, and Kamen Rider Den-O in Liner Form.

Kamen Rider ColleChara 08 will also release in February week 3 for 300 yen each.

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