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Kamen Rider Build’s Atsuhiro Inukai and Kyoryuger’s Ryo Ryusei Star Together In Live Action Grand Blue Dreaming

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Kamen Rider Build’s Atsuhiro Inukai and Kyoryuger’s Ryo Ryusei Star Together In Live Action Grand Blue Dreaming

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The two tokusatsu stars will join forces in this comedy anime come to life.

On January 31st, a teaser trailer for Grand Blue Dreaming was posted on the official live action website. It featured a first look at the main cast, and announced a May 29th release date.

Grand Blue Dreaming is a comedy manga by Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka, which initially debuted in 2014. An anime adaptation was produced and ran during the summer of 2018. The live action adaptation stars Ryo Ryusei as Iori Kitahara and Atsuhiro Inukai as Kohei Imamura, two college freshmen who meet through odd circumstances and form a friendship.

Tokusatsu fans will recognize the starring duo as the lead characters from two recent tokusatsu series. Ryo Ryusei lead the Kyoryugers as King/KyoryuRed in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger while Atsuhiro Inukai starred as the versatile Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build in Kamen Rider Build. In an interview, Ryusei jokingly mentioned that he got more naked than he expected. Inukai agreed and added that he enjoyed the people he worked with who allowed him to do what he wanted.

The film will be released on May 29th with more details expected to come.

Source: Anime News Network

Katie is a cosplayer and tokusatsu fan located in North Carolina. She has been writing for over ten years. She is most commonly associated in the tokusatsu community with the cosplayer/costumer, TheNextDecade. She works full time helping animals at an ER.

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