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Kamen Rider Shinobi Album Now Available On iTunes


Kamen Rider Shinobi Album Now Available On iTunes

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The soundtrack to Kamen Rider Shinobi is now available via the iTunes store.

The full soundtrack to the Kamen Rider Zi-O spin-off, Rider Time: Kamen Rider Shinobi is now available through the iTunes store. The album is distributed by Avex Entertainment and consists of 34 songs from the 2019 miniseries.

1. Opening

2. Izanagi (Op. ver. Instrumental)

3. Kyodaino Tatakai 1

4. Kyodaino Tatakai 2

5. Tsujo 1

6. Tsujo 2

7. Tsujo 3 Yowai Rentaro

8. Tsujo 4

9. Irohano Theme

10. Irohatonokaiso

11. Gamano Shisho 1

12. Gamano Shisho 2

13. Rentarono Chikai

14. Icchi Tojo

15. Fuon 1

16. Fuon 2

17. Fuon 3

18. Hattarino Theme

19. Shinobino Theme

20. Iroha Shinobi Sesshoku

21. Icchino Kanashimi 1

22. Icchino Kanashimi 2

23. Icchi Kuyashi

24.  Shiren

25. Irohano Tatakai

26. Yamininno Theme

27. Hattarino Kanchigai

28. Yamininno Koi

29. Makeikusa 1

30. Yami Ni Kyusyu Sareta

31. Makeikusa 2

32. Futari Henshin

33. Futari Shori

34. Izanagi

Source: Apple Music

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