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The Ultraman 40th Anniversary Music Collection Coming This Month


The Ultraman 40th Anniversary Music Collection Coming This Month

Music collection celebrating the release of the first Ultraman anime arrives just in time for the holidays.

The Ultraman 40th Anniversary Music Collection, a 5-disc CD box archiving music for the 40th anniversary of The Ultraman anime series, will be released on December 18th. The set comes in a three-sided carton case containing the 5 CD set with a new digital remaster of the original LP recordings. Also included is a 64-page booklet including information not seen since the time of the main broadcast.

The Ultraman anime series which debuted back in 1979 and ran for 50 episodes was the first animated TV series in the Ultra franchise and featured the first Ultra Hero, Ultraman Joneus, to start in an animation format before he eventually was given a live-action suit appearance.

Each of the 5 CDs in the set contain the following:

DISC 1 The ☆ Ultraman hit song collection – A collection of the insert songs from The Ultraman anime series

DISC 2 Suite The Ultraman + Ultraman Hymn – Contains the opening theme”The Ultraman “, “Ultraman Hymn” by Toru Fuyuki, and 3 background tracks from the movie “Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle”, which marked the first live action appearance of Ultraman Joeneus

DISC 3 Original BGM Archives –  Includes background tracks by Kunio Miyauchi as well as “The Ultraman Disco Fever” single and karaoke versions

DISC 4 Original BGM Archives – Includes background tracks by Toru Fuyuki

DISC 5 TV Original BGM Collection – Reprint of the original LP record “TV Original BGM Collection The ☆ Ultraman’s World”  composed by Kunio Miyauchi. Two background songs that overlapped on the original record have been given individual instrumental versions. On the original vinyl record, multiple background tracks were recorded as one song fading into the next

Source: LadyEve

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