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SSSS.Dynazenon Announced as Sequel to SSSS.Gridman


SSSS.Dynazenon Announced as Sequel to SSSS.Gridman

SSSS.Dynazenon has been revealed in a teaser as the sequel to last year’s SSSS.Gridman.

Last year, Tsuburaya and Studio Trigger made waves with SSSS.Gridman, the animated successor to 1993’s tokusatsu show, Denkou Choujin Gridman. Its animation style was largely modeled after tokusatsu film techniques, and Team TokuNet Staff Member Brody Salzman reviewed it earlier this year. Now, the sequel has been revealed at Tsuburaya Con as SSSS.Dynazenon.

The SSSS.Dynazenon teaser trailer posted online mainly features clips from SSSS.Gridman, but the end features a shot of a new character design. It’s unclear whether this new character will be the new main hero, a villain, or some other role, but this mecha design is also featured in the key visual seen above.

The new logo shown at the end of the trailer also reads “Gridman Universe” which no details have been announced about. The cast currently listed for SSSS.Dynazenon includes Akira Amemiya as director, screenplay by Keiichi Hasegawa, music by Shiro Sagisu, and character design by Masaru Sakamoto. All of these cast members held similar roles on SSSS.Gridman.

No release date has been announced for SSSS.Dynazenon, but it’s currently expected to release in 2020.

Sources: Official SSSS.Dynazenon Website, Twitter

A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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