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Eiji Akaso and Fumika Baba Star Together In Romantic Drama “Sensei, Don’t You Know?”

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Eiji Akaso and Fumika Baba Star Together In Romantic Drama “Sensei, Don’t You Know?”

Kamen Rider alum Eiji Akaso and Fumika Baba will fall in love in the newest late-night drama.

Beginning on December 5th, the romantic drama titled Sensei, Don’t You Know? began airing during the late-night time frame Drama Special Zone on MBS. The show stars Fumika Baba as Aoi Hana, a manga artist, who meets a charismatic hairdresser, Riichi Kido, played by Eiji Akaso.

Fans will recognize both stars from the Kamen Rider franchise: Fumika Baba portrayed Medic in Kamen Rider Drive, Eiji Akaso portrayed Hiroki Nagase in Kamen Rider Amazonz and Banjo Ryuga in Kamen Rider Build. Playing each other’s romantic love interests, the pair are excited for the roles in their own way. Baba said in a statement, “I feel like it’s a series that will make any girl happy.” while Akaso complimented it as a “textbook for men”.

The drama is based off of the manga of the same name created by Aya Asano, and is published through the magazine Premiere Cheese!. The show premiered on December 5 and airs every Thursday at 5:00JST.

Source: Mantan Web

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