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Rider Love Podcast #123 – “Peak Himbo”


Rider Love Podcast #123 – “Peak Himbo”

Dan & Faiz discuss Zero-One episodes 9-11, recent rumors about the series length, and what you’re most thankful for this year!

This week on Rider Love, Dan & Faiz are once again reunited, and it feels so good! We kick off with the recent rumors surrounding Zero-One’s length. Most likely bogus, but it’s fun to speculate. Then, we’re VERY to start catching up with Zero-One in episodes 9-11 where Horobi plays favorites, and we meet a guy named Gai. Lastly, we flash back to Thanksgiving and find out what you’re most thankful for in toku this year!


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The podcast that celebrates its love for Kamen Rider, its stories, characters, and fans.

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