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Kamen Rider Zi-O V-Cinema Geiz Majesty Theme Song Announced


Kamen Rider Zi-O V-Cinema Geiz Majesty Theme Song Announced

The song “Brand New Day” by TRIPLANE will be the theme for the next Kamen Rider Zi-O V-Cinema.

It has been announced that the musical group TRIPLANE will sing the theme song for the first V-Cinema to release after Kamen Rider Zi-O ended its season earlier this year. The V-Cinema will center around Kamen Rider Geiz/Myokoin Geiz, the secondary Rider character in the series.

The band TRIPLANE has worked previously on the 16th ending of One Piece, titled “Dear Friends”, and has expressed a deep love and connection for Kamen Rider. They said in a statement, “Kamen Rider really affected our childhood. We’re honored to create a theme song for Kamen Rider.” The theme song will be titled “Brand New Day” and the song is expected to make you feel the excitement and momentum of what it’s like discovering a new path in life.

The V-Cinema will follow Geiz directly after the end of the series as one of the ordinary high school students attending Sougo Tokiwa’s school. He is working towards his dream of winning many medals in judo and yearns for his classmate Tsukuyomi’s affection. His life will turn upside down when he receives a career-ending injury and is unable to continue in mastering the art of judo.

The theme song CD will be included as a bonus in the first limited edition of the DVD/Blu Ray Disc which will release on April 22, 2020.

Source: Mantan Web

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