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Complete Selection Modification Kivat Belt And Tatsulot Announced


Complete Selection Modification Kivat Belt And Tatsulot Announced

Transformation items from the 2008 Kamen Rider series revealed at live event

Premium Bandai has revealed that the next products from their Complete Selection Modification line will be the Kivat Belt and Tatsulot from the series Kamen Rider Kiva. At an event promoting THE HENSHIN COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION EXHIBITION VOL.1. this weekend in Akihabara, actors Sou Okuno (Kamen Rider Zi-O) and Fumiya Takahashi (Kamen Rider Zero-One) were on hand to reveal the latest. Prior to the reveal, Okuno had mentioned how he liked the belt as one of his favorites. A commercial for the items was shown, which you can see below.

The Kivat Belt set will come with Kivat-bat the 3rd with a removable face plate, 6 Fuestles, the chain adorned red belt and a voice recognition feature allowing the belt to respond back to spoken commands like in the show. As with other CSM belt releases, the belt will also be able to play five music tracks from the show, consisting of three BGM tracks as well as the insert songs Destiny’s Play and Supernova. The belt, which is voiced by veteran voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, will retail for 29,700 yen.

The Tatsulot power up item comes with a wrist mount, 2 Fuestles and an alternate face plate for Kiva Emperor Form. Both the Kivat Belt and Tatsulot can ‘talk’ with each other via a wireless communication system and have small conversations of voice lines. The device, which is voiced by Akira Ishida, will retail for 13,750 yen.

Originally airing in 2008, Kamen Rider Kiva follows two interwoven story lines: The present day story of the reclusive Wataru Kurenai (Koji Seto) and his father, violinist Otoya Kurenai (Kouhei Takeda) in 1986. Both have to deal with the threat of the monstrous Fangire who steal people’s life force much like a vampire. As Kamen Rider Kiva and a half Fangire himself, Wataru must fight the Fangires while at the same time trying to unravel the mystery of his father’s untimely demise in the past.

Pre-orders for both items are currently only available December 6 and 7 with the items scheduled for a March release for the Kivat Belt and an April release for Tatsulot.

Source: Premium Bandai,(2)

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