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Home of the Monsters Event Opens in Tokyo Dome City


Home of the Monsters Event Opens in Tokyo Dome City


The Tsuburaya interactive event opens this week in Tokyo with Ultraman Ginga S actress Moga Mogami.

This week, actress Moga Mogami was on hand to handle the ribbon cutting for the opening day of Tsuburaya Productions new attraction at Tokyo Dome City entitled Kaiju no Sumika, translated as “Home of the Monsters.” Announced back in June with a picture book, the event was held on November 7 with the Ultraman Ginga S actress alongside aliens Baltan, Dada, Pigmon, and Mefilas. Mogami, who played the android Mana in the 2014 series, said she found the event to be enjoyable and thrilling and hoped people can come out and see all the cute monster merchandise.

The story behind the event involves attendees traveling to the Home of the Monsters, a world inhabited by Ultraman kaiju. However, these kaiju have been cut off from human interaction or the need to fight, resulting in their peaceful coexistence. Attendees will be transported via a “sky zone portal” to the Home of the Monsters to be greeted by interactive color-changing butterflies, with the laser, mist, and lighting effects being provided by Panasonic. From there, a combination of a special screen projection, lighting effects, and a powerful sound system will immerse attendees in this world while running into large kaiju like Eleking among others.

The event itself will be host to a number of exclusive merchandise such as shirts, plush toys and sweets, which you can see in the gallery below. The event will run through January 26, 2020 at Tokyo Dome City Galley AaMo. Tickets are available starting at 1900 yen for adults and 1000 yen for small children.

Source: Tsuburaya Station

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