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Ultraman Regulos Coming to Ultraman Connection in Late May 2023


Ultraman Regulos Coming to Ultraman Connection in Late May 2023

Regulos with the White Tiger Fist sigil on his right and Red Dragon Fist sigil on his left

Tsuburaya Productions announced on April 27, 2023, that Ultraman Regulos is coming to its streaming platform Ultraman Connection and Youtube on May 23rd.

The Strongest Fist in the Universe!
Regulos of the Red Dragon White Tiger Fist!

Ultraman Regulos makes his series debut after appearing in last year’s Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad. In this six episode series, we see the origin of Ultraman Regulos as he masters the Cosmo Beast Style and fights the Magma Invasion Army. The series also has English voice acting. Tsuburaya released a promotional video with the series announcement.

Regulos takes place on planet D60, the birthplace of the Cosmo Beast fighting style, the strongest fighting style in the universe and which harnesses the powers of the Cosmo Beasts. Fighters can gain great power by forming contracts with the Cosmo Beast spirits. After washing up on the beaches of D60, Regulos is left with no memories and taken in by Master Alude and joins other Ultras in training to become a Cosmo Beast Fighter. Training with Regulos is the wandering martial artist Dias, Ultraman Leos and several other fighters. Leos came to D60 as it is allied with his home planet L77.

Alude, Phoros and Tubahn Spica, Albeo and Pharood Dias, Regulos and Leo

However, the fighters’ training is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Magma Invasion Army led by Volcan. In the promotional video Volcan says that the strongest fighting style in the universe ends today.

Volcan, Yurub and Lava

The series airs from May 23 and finishes on June 17th. Volumes that collate the main series into 3 episode chunks will release exclusively on Ultraman Connection. The series directed by Koichi Sakamoto with screenplay by Junichiro Ashiki.

The poster showing Regulos, the Cosmo Beast Fighters and the Magma Invasion Army

The spin-off special Ultraman Regulos: First Mission will be rebroadcast in July. The special follows Regulos after The Destined Crossroad as Regulos and other Ultras track down Sora, a fellow Ultra.

First Mission originally aired in December 2022 at the Ultra Heroes Expo 2023 New Year Festival. The special is split into two parts for its rebroadcast, airing on July 4th and 9th.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions

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