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TokuNet Asks: Favorite Ultraman Hero


TokuNet Asks: Favorite Ultraman Hero

In the newest TokuNet Asks poll, we ask fans to vote on their favorite Ultraman hero.

The Ultra series began its debut in 1966 with its first show, Ultra Q, created by legendary tokusatsu director Eiji Tsuburaya under Tsuburaya Productions. Tsuburaya Productions by this point had done contributing work on various TV series but, having been created in 1963, were relatively new to the world of making full length TV series themselves. Ultra Q and the following series, Ultraman, and Ultra Seven became massive successes; spawning the Ultraman franchise as we know it today.

Now we ask fans to vote on their favorite Ultraman hero from over the years of the franchise’s run. Not all Ultraman characters were include for sake of brevity.

[totalpoll id=”52348″]

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