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Meet the Team: Robin Caine


Meet the Team: Robin Caine

For this month’s Meet the Team, we talk to long-time Staff Writer and Translator, Robin Caine.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Robin Caine and I am in charge of the Toku Actor Blogs and am one of the translators on staff.

How did you first get into tokusatsu?

Before I got into Power Rangers, I actually watched Kamen Rider Black. Then after maybe about 10 years, my friends who were all into J-Drama, said I looked like a particular tokusatsu actor. In disbelief, I decided to check out the show myself. I didn’t think I looked like the actor at all but man did that show remind me of how much I loved Kamen Rider Black and Power Rangers.

How did you become a member of Team TokuNet and what does your role entail?

Someone shared a TokuNet article on Facebook, and it turns out it was an article I wanted to translate myself. I immediately reached out to them when they made a recruitment post because my gut feeling told me that this news site would become a big deal. I applied for the Toku Actor Blogs position and have been in charge of it ever since. I also am one of the translators on the team.

What is your favorite tokusatsu show or movie?

My favorite tokusatsu show is Kamen Rider Build… interestingly enough, a lot of my friends think I look like Sento.

Is there a funny or memorable moment from working in TokuNet that you would like to share?

I love all my teammates and I wish I could meet all of them in person one day. We share so many memorable moments in our Staff Discord channel through text that I’ve screenshotted them in case I need a pick-me-up. One particular memory sticks out to me: this was about two months into my TokuNet life and Facebook was our main mode of communication. Jorge and Yas decided to switch their names on Facebook as a joke. Unfortunately, Facebook didn’t allow them to switch their names back to normal because of some kind of policy they had in place so they had to wait a few months before they could. Paula, our Chief back then, was not happy at all. I’m glad to say though, Jorge and Yas became my best buds shortly after.

Outside of working for TokuNet, do you have any personal projects or hobbies?

I travel a lot and I enjoy cooking. I bake macarons for work parties sometimes.

Where can people find you on social media?

The TokuNet Community Discord Channel!

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