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Takeshi Tsuruno and DAIGO to Perform Ultraman R/B Movie Theme Song


Takeshi Tsuruno and DAIGO to Perform Ultraman R/B Movie Theme Song

Theme song for Ultraman R/B the Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bonds movie to be performed by former Ultraman stars.

Takeshi Tsuruno and DAIGO have both played heroes in the Ultraman series before, with Tsuruno playing the lead character in 1997’s Ultraman Dyna and DAIGO starring alongside Tsuruno in 2011’s Ultraman Saga feature film.

The song was written by Tsuruno and composed by DAIGO, with Sho of the rock band MY FIRST STORY doing arrangement. both Takeshi Tsuruno and DAIGO will be featured as vocalists on the song.

When talking about the song’s lyrics, Tsuruno said, “Because it is the last Ultraman series in the Heisei era, the theme of “bonds” is in the title. The themes of bonds between senior Ultraman characters and family members emerged,”.


Takeshi Tsuruno

The song will be released on the upcoming “Takeshi Tsuruno BEST” album celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tsuruno’s debut as a musician.

The movie’s story description reads:

Are you Ultraman? Or are you Katsumi Minato?

The mysterious Ultraman, Tregear, has suddenly appeared in Ayaka City. Tregear asks what one would do to make their dreams come true, prompting Katsumi to search for his own dream. As a monster appears for the first time in a year, Ultraman Blu and Ultraman Rosso are joined by Ultraman Geed to face off against this new threat. Walking towards their dream with the heart of the Minato family in hand, Ultraman Groob is born.

Ultraman R/B follows the Minato siblings, Katsumi (Ultraman Rosso) and Isami (Ultraman Blu) as they protect the city of Ayaka, where strange things have begun to happen. The brothers use the R/B Crystals to transform into elemental forms associated with previous Ultraman heroes. While they defend their city, the two also seek answers to the disappearance of their mother.

Ultraman R/B the Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bonds opens in Japan on March 8th, 2019.

Source: Pony Canyon

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