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Moga Mogami Returns for Ultraman New Generation Chronicle


Moga Mogami Returns for Ultraman New Generation Chronicle

Moga Mogami reprises her role as Mana (Ultraman Ginga S) for three episodes of Ultraman New Generation Chronicle.

Starting January 26th, Ultraman New Generation Chronicle will broadcast special episodes from Ultraman Ginga S. On February 2nd, 9th, and 16th Moga Mogami will join narrators Pega and Booska while reprising her role as Mana from Ginga S. Ultraman Ginga S aired in 2014 as a sequel to Ultraman Ginga and featured Mana as a villain android that served Alien Chibu.

Ultraman New Generation Chronicle airs as a “best of” style show featuring episodes and movies presented in episode format. The series covers all shows part of the “new generation” Ultraman series, beginning with Ultraman Ginga and continuing through Ultraman R/B.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions Official Site

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