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Super Sentai Miniseries to Air after Lupinranger vs Patranger


Super Sentai Miniseries to Air after Lupinranger vs Patranger

The “4 Week Long Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!” miniseries will air following Lupinranger vs Patranger‘s finale in a celebration of the Heisei era’s end.

Five members from five popular teams will combine and form a Super Sentai dream team. Yosuke Kishi as Stinger/SasoriOrange from Kyuranger, Ryota Ozawa as Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed from Gokaiger, Ai Moritaka as Kagura/ToQ#5 from ToQger, Shunsuke Nishikawa as Takaharu Igasaki/AkaNinger from Ninninger, and Masakki Nakao as Yamato Kazakiri/ZyuOhEagle from Zyuohger.

Koichi Sakamoto, who has directed various works, including Kamen Rider Fourze, will direct the special. Naruhisa Arakawa (Kamen Rider Kuuga, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger) will write.

The story begins when a mysterious girl named Rita gathers heroes from Super Sentai teams to the planet Nemesis. The heroes are told that any wish they desire will come true if they can win the “Super Sentai Greatest Battle” tournament. In addition to the five heroes mentioned, any number of others can appear.

The cast members commented on the special, Nakao said “I’ve acted with Marvelous and Takaharu before, I’m looking for to this special project with various Super Sentai heroes,”. Ozawa remarked “I can GokaiChange into various Super Sentai heroes, this is called a special project within Super Sentai and I’m very pleased,”.

Full cast comments:

Masaki Nakao
“It’s another Super Sentai compilation work, I’m happy to be one of the representatives in a Super Sentai production. I’ve worked with Shunsuke Nishikawa and Ryota Ozawa before, I’m looking forward to this special project with various Super Sentai heroes. For me, Super Sentai was my starting point. I’ll be Yamato again for the first time in two years, please look forward to an upgraded Yamato.

Ryota Ozawa
When I heard I could return in this way, I knew Gokaiger was popular. There are various Super Sentai heroes I can GokaiChange into and I’m very happy to be used in a project called a Super Sentai special project. There aren’t many battles between Super Sentai teams, so I think this is a point worthy of highlight. I think this is a work that even peopl watching (these members) for the first time will be able to enjoy.

Yosuke Kishi
It’s been over a year since Kyuranger. I’m happy to be back as a representative for Kyuranger. This time I can play him as the cool Stinger from the early half of Kyuranger, so I think I’ll be looking back on the first half of the show. All the other men on this team are red, so I’ll do my best to represent male members who aren’t red. Please look forward to it.

Shunsuke Nishikawa
Because Takaharu was my origin role, I’ll put my all into my fighting spirit. When I opened the script and say Takaharu’s line, the excitement boiled up. There are nostalgic words like “I’m getting fired up” that made me feel like “Ah, I was able to make it back”. I think I’d like to return to the old firey Takaharu from before. Please look forward to it.

Ai Moritaka
My character’s actual age was 10 years old so I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t capable enough, however, I then received a call and was pleased to be able to do portray the character. When I wore the outfit for the first time in three years I felt like I “returned home,” I think it’s wonderful that I get to appear alongside other of my Super Sentai seniors. I believe there’ll be a lot of scenes that the audience will think to themselves, “ahh right, this character said stuff like that,” I want everyone to remember ToQger in addition yto other Sentai series as they watch this. I want kids to say “wow this Super Sentai is cool! I should check out,”.

Episode 1 will air on February 17th, episode 2 on February 24th, episode 3 on March 3rd, and episode 4 on March 10th.

Source: MyNavi

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