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Rider Love Podcast #93 – “Gut Punching Kusaka”


Rider Love Podcast #93 – “Gut Punching Kusaka”

Dan & Destiny Amber discuss 555 episodes 38, 39, & 40, the Ryuusouger reveal, and other tokusatsu news!

This week on Rider Love, Dan & Destiny Amber take a brief break from Zi-O to discuss Kamen Rider 555 episodes 38, 39, and 40, or ‘How Takumi Got His Groove Back.’ Rider news is a bit light this week, but luckily we’ve been blessed with an abundance of OTHER tokusatsu news including the Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusouger reveal, some Ultraman tidbits, and Amber gets to explain to Dan what the heck Tokusatsu Gagaga is!


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The podcast that celebrates its love for Kamen Rider, its stories, characters, and fans.

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