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Hiro Mizushima Not Asked Back for Heisei Generations FOREVER

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Hiro Mizushima Not Asked Back for Heisei Generations FOREVER

The star of Kamen Rider Kabuto reveals he was not asked to be in the movie.

Hiro Mizushima replied to a comment on an Instagram post asking why he did not appear in the recently released Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, the final movie in the Heisei series of Kamen Rider movies.

The actor replied, saying he’s gotten the question many times and wanted to clear up any potential misunderstanding. Mizushima says he was never contacted about appearing in the movie.

The actor says he sees Tendou Souji, his character in the 2006 Kamen Rider series, as the “starting point” for his career. He does not consider the role his “black history” (black history is a term used in Japanese referring to a period of time one would rather forget). Mizushima goes on to say he appreciated working with the producers, directors, and the rest of the staff on the show. Mizushima went up on to wish the movie great success.

It was also recently revealed that Kamen Rider Den-O star Takeru Satoh appeared in the movie, making his return to the franchise for the first time in ten years.

Source: Hiro Mizushima via Instagram

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