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SSSS.Gridman Provides Guidelines for Fan Works


SSSS.Gridman Provides Guidelines for Fan Works

Following Tsuburaya Productions’ take on fan works for sale, they provide a more in-depth explanation for the SSSS.Gridman anime.

Recently, Tsuburaya Productions provided a clarification regarding sales of unofficial works, such as doujinshi. Now, the official site for SSSS.Gridman clarified in more detail as it relates to the anime.

We have received many inquiries about derivative works for SSSS.Gridman – as the production committee for Gridman, we shall respond to the subject of these works in accordance with the following guidelines. Please note that, regarding this matter, we will not be able to answer your questions individually.

SSSS.Gridman guidelines for derivative works:

On the use of materials: It is prohibited to copy, trace and use production materials such as images, videos, logos, music, story and so on. This does not apply for derivative works (illustrations, manga, novels, etc) that have been produced in reference to SSSS.Gridman.

Production and distribution for derivative works: Please produce and distribute it in accordance with “On the use of materials” above. However, things that infringe on public order, and the rights of others, are prohibited.

About doujinshi: Those that are judged to exceed the categories of fan activity, such as product creation and distribution for commercial purpose, may endure suspension of sales.

Regarding individual derivative works: We are unable to respond to your inquires about individual derivative works – please understand.

In summary, they forbid the idea of stealing material from the show or selling unofficial creations. However, this does not apply to those who distribute content within the fandom for free.

Source: SSSS.Gridman Website

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