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Kamen Rider Kiva Actor Eiji Takigawa Released from the Hospital

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Kamen Rider Kiva Actor Eiji Takigawa Released from the Hospital

Kamen Rider Kiva‘s Eiji Takigawa has been discharged from the hospital after his 2017 injury. 

It was announced by Eiji Takigawa on his blog on October 18 that he had been released from the hospital after a severe spinal cord injury taking place in September 2017.

The actor, known to tokusatsu fans as Riki/Dogga from Kamen Rider Kiva, had been seriously injured on set filming the Yowamushi Pedal 2 television series. He was playing the role of Juichi Fukutomi.

In the blog post, he talks about his experience in long-term hospitalization, including befriending a nurse at the hospital. He assured his fans that he will keep pushing through and will not let this end his career. He thanked everyone for their support during this long journey and expressed that he will not give up. He will continue receiving physical therapy as he recovers. He recently posted short videos on his blog showing his rehabilitation.

Takigawa revealed that there will be a documentary about his experience titled “Sore demo, Mae e” (Still, I Move Forward). It aired on BS SKY PerfectTV on October 20th.

Source: Anime News Network

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