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Kamen Rider Fourze’s Takushi Tanaka to Appear in Zi-O


Kamen Rider Fourze’s Takushi Tanaka to Appear in Zi-O

This marks the latest in Kamen Rider Zi-O‘s line of returning cast members.

Kento Handa, who played Inui Takumi/Kamen Rider 555, and Kohei Murakami, who played Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, will appear in the 5th and 6th episodes of Kamen Rider Zi-O. In addition, it has now been revealed Takushi Tanaka, who portrayed Mr. Osugi in Kamen Rider Fourze, will also appear. Within Fourze, Mr. Osugi was the faculty adviser of the show’s Kamen Rider clubIn the episode, Sougo, Geiz, and Tsukuyomi visit a high school following the disappearance of various female students, which seems to have been caused by another Rider. Members of the “current” Kamen Rider club will appear.

The episodes will be broadcast on September 30th and October 7th.

Source: Eiga Natalie

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