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Amazon Shopping Guide: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid


Amazon Shopping Guide: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Did you know that Amazon carries tokusatsu toys, including quite a few great Kamen Rider Ex-Aid items? Check out our recommendations for the best of what’s available on Amazon.

Searching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid on Amazon brings up quite a few items! Remember that Amazon has third-party sellers – always look at the “Ships from and sold by” line on the product page to see if the item is coming from Amazon or from a seller. Checking the “Amazon Prime” box will narrow your search to only Prime-shipped items, which will weed out the third party sellers. Don’t have Prime? Get a free 30-day trial and try it out!

Here are a few recommendations of great Kamen Rider Ex-Aid items that you can order on Amazon right now!

DX Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat (Ride-Player Ver.) ($57.44)

Everyone’s favorite game, Kamen Rider Chronicle! During the rise of Ride-Players in the show, a Rider Gashat was shown being sold to the public in its own unique box, which Premium Bandai lovingly created for fans to buy. This variation of the DX Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat features quotes from Ride-Player Nico and will display a Ride-Player on your preferred transformation device.

DX Proto Mighty Action X Gashat (Memorial Finish Ver.) ($45.99)

The Memorial Finish Gashat Set was Premium Bandai’s way to pay tribute to the show when it was ending. The set included the transformation Gashats used by the first five Riders, with a choice between the regular sticker or a Legend Rider style sticker depicting that Rider. Between their character quotes and use of more accurate transformation sounds, it’s practically a Complete Selection Modification release!

This seller happens to be selling the Proto Mighty Action X on its own, the Gashat used by fan-favorite Kuroto Dan. The original version of this Gashat was a campaign item that did not fully function like a DX Gashat and might be harder to come by at a good price, so this may be worth your time.

DX Kamen Rider Build Gashat ($37.44)

Due to the fact that most transformation items are simply a toy that triggers a sound on the belt, it’s rare for Legend Rider collectibles to exist for its successor series – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is one of those exceptions. The DX Kamen Rider Build Gashat is a campaign item that was available to those who bought the DX Build Driver for Kamen Rider Build. It features a unique transformation that can be heard in the winter movie for Ex-Aid and Build.

DX Toki Meki Crisis Gashat ($29.73)

The transformation Gashat used by Kamen Rider Poppy is an odd one. The character Poppy Pipopapo provides the voice for it, and in order to replicate the show’s use of mind control during her debut, the Gashat has two different voice settings, one more aggressive than the other. It’s a fun and colorful Gashat to add to your collection.

DX Pac-Adventure Gashat ($27.06)

With a show based on video games, it would be nice to see some official games get some love, but obviously, copyright issues would get in the way of that. Fortunately, Bandai works with Namco to provide several classic Namco games as Rider Gashats, including the iconic arcade hero Pac-Man! Familiar tunes are lovingly turned into transformation jingles, with references to the gameplay. It’s a charming one for sure.

LVUR07: Kamen Rider Lazer ($22.00)

If you’ve got a few Rider action figures, why not get a motorcycle? Kamen Rider Lazer is an intriguing piece of toy engineering that this franchise does not often get, presenting us with a vehicle that can take on a humanoid form when used with additional armor. If you want that experience, you’ll need LVUR08 (Chambara Gamer & Sports Gamer, giving you a second bike!), or LVUR10 (Hunter Gamer, which can be worn by others!). Lazer is definitely a fun one.

LVUR03: Kamen Rider Snipe ($19.96)

If you need some more action figures, this line has some solid options. A personal favorite is Kamen Rider Snipe, who is wonderfully painted despite the action figures being known for some unpainted details. His cloak is designed so that it shouldn’t get in the way of posing the figure, and his weapons look nice even when they’re unpainted. Fans of Snipe won’t be disappointed.

LVUR15: Fantasy Gamer ($14.68)

Lastly, if you wanna armor up your favorite character from Ex-Aid, my favorite armor from this line is Fantasy Gamer. While some earlier armors in the line left the characters a bit top-heavy and even a little inaccurate, Fantasy Gamer fixes all of these flaws with a slim armor that transforms in a unique way, allowing for a decent amount of movement. It may be Brave’s form, but just about everyone benefits from this cool demonic armor design.

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