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Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patranger Summer Film Summaries


Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patranger Summer Film Summaries

Team TokuNet’s Japan shares summaries of the Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patranger summer films.

This article contains spoilers for both movies. Please be advised.

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film

The movie opens with the Patrangers picking up Herlock Sholmes at the airport, he announces to the press that he has come to Japan to solve Gangler crimes and investigate the secret identities of the Lupinrangers. He notices a reporter acting suspicious and the Lupinrangers throw a card at him, revealing he’s a Gangler. Keiichiro is annoyed the department is turning to a detective.

Both the Lupin Rangers and Patrangers fight the Ganglers at a shipyard, Wilson, a new Gangler, appears and fires off multiple attacks hitting everyone on the battlefield. He kidnaps both #1 and Red and brings them back to the Gangler dimension. The other generals appear and reveal this was a plan to separate the teams and defeat both of them together because there was no way the policeman and thief could work together. An attack from them sends both Kairi and Keiichiro off the cliff.

In the human world, the remaining rangers retreat. Noel attempts to take on Wilson but is defeated and knocked off the top of a building. The Patrangers work with Herlock Sholmes to draw out Wilson with a public announcement of a museum exhibit. The Lupinrangers see through this and decide to head there themselves as well.

Kairi is clinging to life off the side of the cliff, holding onto Keiichiro despite his arm being injured. They climb up and discuss each other’s morals and how they are polar opposites, but come to the conclusion that the only way to defeat the Ganglers and head back to the human world is to do something unexpected – work together. Jackpot Striker appears out of nowhere and offers to help them get back home, but they have to infiltrate their base.

The renowned Herlock Sholmes

Wilson appears at the museum and is cornered by both the Patrangers & Lupinrangers, who reveal they are working together to get their team members back. Herlock Sholmes then unveils himself as a Gangler monster. Kairi & Keiichiro make their way in and are discovered by Goche Ru Medou & Destra Majjo. They fight them in a 2v2 gun battle, where Kairi unlocks Goche’s safe and puts in Jackpot Striker who takes over her body, using her teleportation abilities to open up a portal back home. Keiichiro holds back Goche, giving time for Kairi to grab her Lupin Collection piece, but Kairi chooses to go back with Keiichiro instead.

The rest of the teams are having trouble against Herlock Sholmes & Wilson until Kairi & Keiichiro appear from the portal and catch them off guard. They all transform together and #2/Blue, #3/Yellow and #1/Red work in pairs to fight them. Patrangers use Good Striker to fuse into #U and Lupin Red tries out Jackpot Striker, which fuses Red, Blue & Yellow together into Lupin Tricolor. They both use finishing moves and destroy the villains.

Using Jackpot Striker, the Lupinrangers become Lupin Tricolor

Goche brings them back to life in gigantic form, the Lupinrangers use Jackpot Striker to use Lupin Rex and Patrangers use Good Striker to form Pat Kaiser. Working together, they both defeat the villains once again. Afterward, both Keiichiro & Kairi see each other from afar and realize that they’re not quite as different as they initially had thought.

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

The movie begins with a POV shot of the Pandora Box being released and the walls going up, it appears to be from Sento’s eyes and his father telling him to get somewhere safe. Quick cuts to present day with a public conference of the unification of Seito, Hokuto and Touto and the designation of a governor for each region with Pandora Tower at its center. Sento is complaining about the heat while riding his bike on the phone to Sawa and Misora. He comes across a brother and sister being attacked by two Smash. He transforms and fights before the screen cuts back to a new character, Kengo Ino, at the press conference. He says for peace to come, Kamen Riders must become extinct and the crowd chants extinction. He uses his ability to manipulate the civilians who fall silent and begin walking off different directions, entirely noiseless. Build defeats the two Smash when groups of civilians appear, charging at him, engulfing him as the movie’s logo appears.

Sento is chased relentlessly by mind controlled civilians

He manages to sneak out of the crowd and is chased throughout town, even getting back to the Cafe and is attacked by Sawa and Misora. He releases some gas in the lab and hides in the Full Bottle purification machine until they’re knocked out.

The three governors have a meeting with Isurugi and reveal themselves to be the Blood Clan, survivors of the same race as Evolt who aim to destroy the planet and consume it. It is revealed also that they had been acting in the shadows ever since the Skywall appeared and manipulated each territory and the entire war but Evolt changed his mind and their plans were disrupted. Evolt tells them he won’t intervene in what they want to do but reminds them he has the upper hand with the power of the Pandora Box.

Banjo is picked up in a limo after visiting his girlfriend’s gravestone. Mitsuomi, the Zebra Lost Smash, appears in the limo and Ryuga jumps out from the car and they both transform and fight. Mitsuomi reveals that he was the one who ordered Kasumi to be turned into a Smash. Ryuga loses the fight and is taken under control like the other civilians.

Sento infiltrates a lab and discovers the 3 new characters of the movie are the other astronauts from the Mars mission. He’s found out and is chased again by civilians and runs into Kazumi and Gentoku who transform to help hold them for Sento to escape. Ryoka (Touto’s governor) appears before them and becomes the Scissors Lost Smash, wanting to take down Build. Sento gets away as Kazumi and Gentoku are captured and Build then has to face off against Ryuga and Kengo. Ryuga beats him and takes the Hazard Trigger off him. Scissors & Zebra Lost Smashes and Ryuga are used with the Hazard Trigger, Cobra Lost Fullbottle and Great Cross-Z Dragon for Kengo to become Kamen Rider Blood. He easily defeats Sento, but before he deals the final blow, Evolt teleports in and takes Sento away.

Ryuga takes the Hazard Trigger off of Sento forcibly

Sento awakes on a boat with Soichi while it’s raining hard outside. They talk and Sento leaves, visiting the alley where Soichi “found” him without his memories. In his mind, Sento talks with Takumi about the events of the TV show leading up to this point including the fact that the Rider System was one of the biggest causes of the war, a thought Sento keeps struggling with. They argue that to win, he’ll have to kill Ryuga, which Sento disregards. It cuts to Utsumi offering to break Kazumi & Gentoku out of captivity if they beg, Kazumi shrugs him off, but Gentoku is already on his hands and knees.

Ino contacts Sento and demands the Pandora Box in exchange for Ryuga’s life.

Ryuga, Kengo, Mitsuomi & Ryoka are outside, surrounded by civilians still under their control. Sento arrives on his bike with the colored panels of the Pandora Box. Kengo becomes Kamen Rider Blood and Sento goes straight to Genius Form. Ino reveals that his encounter with Ryuga was something they orchestrated. They fight and Sento recalls the memory from the beginning of the film where his father tells him that Ryuga holds the key to all the events to come. Sento asks why he became a scientist and his father replies for Love & Peace”. He manages to pull Ryuga out of Blood. Blood takes the Pandora box down into the ground, heading for the center of the Earth to destroy the planet. Gentoku and Kazumi appear and take on the Scissors & Zebra Lost Smashes. Misora regains her senses and heals Ryuga from Kengo’s control. The Rabbit & Dragon Full Bottles fuse and they transform into Cross-Z Build, like Kamen Rider Double.

Sento & Ryuga transform together to be Cross-Z Build

They head down to fight Blood and while they initially struggle to control their new form, they force Blood back to the surface and perform the Love & Peace Rider Kick. Kazumi & Gentoku win their battles respectively.

The humans under Blood Clan control have forgotten all about what happened and Sento is a bit disappointed no one knows what they went through. The brother from the beginning of the movie happens to walk by and thank him for saving him. Roll credits.

Afterward, Sento is working on the White Pandora Box panel, when it suddenly opens up a time bottle that engulfs him. He’s now outside and overhears fighting over the side of the cliff; all the Heisei Riders are there fighting their respective final TV villains. The Time Maijin flies in and lands, Zi-O jumps out. Sento and he briefly talk and Zi-O comments how he already has Build’s power. He uses the Build Ride Watch and jumps off the cliff, the armor attaches onto him mid-fall. He fights the villains for a little while then uses Build’s Rider Kick attack and slides around hitting all the villains. Cuts to black.

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