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Kamen Rider Zi-O Character Descriptions Revealed


Kamen Rider Zi-O Character Descriptions Revealed

TV Asahi have revealed detailed character descriptions for the main cast of Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Sougo Tokiwa, Kamen Rider Zi-O, played by Sou Okuno

An 18 year old high school student who dreams of becoming a king one day so much so that he even mentions it during guidance counselling at school. His catchphrase is “I feel like going somewhere”. No matter what predicament he falls in, he smiles and has a positive outlook. Although he is told suddenly by Tsukuyomi, who has come from 50 years in the future, that he has become the demon king in the future who rules the world, he uses this as motivation to become a king who realizes the happiness of his people. This is Sougo’s motivation to become Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Geiz Myokouin, Kamen Rider Geiz, played by Gaku Oshida

An 18 year old warrior from 50 years in the future. He fought as part of the resistance, a struggling force aiming to take down Zi-O. Geiz goes to the past to destroy Zi-O before he can become the demon king but is convinced by Tsukuyomi, who comes from the same future, to watch over Sougo to ensure whether or not he really will become the demon king. He lives on the second floor of the Kujigojido shop, where Sougo and Tsukuyomi also live.

Tsukuyomi played by Shieri Oohata

An 18 year old girl from 50 years in the future. She follows Geiz to the past and is the first to make contact with Sougo. Instead of killing him, Tsukuyomi encourages Sougo to not obtain the powers of the demon king once she realizes his strong sense of justice and ability to go beyond expectations, working to support him in his fight.

Wars, played by Keisuke Watanabe

A mysterious prophet from 50 years in the future. He always carries around a book and makes himself known to Sougo, disappearing as quick as he came with a message about the future. Although he appears to be supportive of Sougo as Zi-O and guides him, his true motives seem unknown.

Wool, played by Rihito Itagaki

A member of the Time Jackers, whose mission it is to replace Zi-O with their own demon king. Although he has an innocent face, he takes joy in causing disturbances throughout the timeline.

Aura, played by Ayaka Konno

A member of the Time Jackers who creates the Another Riders in pursuit of a new king. Unlike Wool, she has a much calmer personality.

Schwartz, played by Kentaro Kanesaki

Another member of the Time Jackers. Older than Wool and Aura, he looks down on them due to being older than them. He’s a very powerful being with the ability to completely stop the flow of time. Unlike Wool and Aura, who talk people into becoming Another Riders, he forces people into transforming.

Junichiro Tokiwa, played by Katsuhisa Namase

Sougo’s granduncle, who owns the Kujigojido watch shop. He specializes in watches but is handy when it comes to repairing electric appliances in general. Despite the warnings about Sougo’s future, he provides a gentle guidance to his nephew. He allows Geiz and Tsukuyomi to live with Sougo at the watch shop and even makes bento boxes for them. He enjoys casually dropping hints about the previous Kamen Riders.


Source: TV Asahi

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  1. John Ng

    August 7, 2018 at 5:37 am



    Zi-O beats the shit of an evil kaijin easily: YES!!! I DESTROYED THAT EVIL MONSTER!!!! I AM KING!!!!!!!!!!

    Tsukasa Kadoya stealth kills Zi-O before running off: NO

    Sougo Tokiwa: TSUKUYOMI!!!

    Tsukuyomi gasps in horror

    Sougo Tokiwa: AM I KING YET????(DED)

    • DTX

      August 9, 2018 at 1:19 am

      Tsukasa Kadoya: Psssh, nothing personal, kid.

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