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Kamen Rider Build CD Box Set Contents Revealed


Kamen Rider Build CD Box Set Contents Revealed

Avex provides more information about Kamen Rider Build‘s soundtrack release. 

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Kamen Rider Build will be seeing a CD box set after its presumed finale, in the form of the Pandora’s Box Style CD Box Set, which will feature a box designed to resemble the Pandora’s Box prominently featured in the show. Inside are the following CDs.

The Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders Original Soundtrack will include 50 tracks, along with a special medley used in the credits of the movie.

The Kamen Rider Build The Movie: Be The One – Original Soundtrack will include 22 planned tracks, along with “Everlasting Sky” by Beverly.

The Kamen Rider Build TV Original Soundtracks is a set of multiple discs which have 82 tracks all together.

The Kamen Rider Build Theme Song & Insert Song Collection includes the following vocal songs:

  • “Be The One” by PANDORA feat. Beverly
  • “Ready Go!!” by ast-, Takehito Shimizu & Toru Watanabe Feat. AXL21
  • “Burning My Soul” by J-CROWN & TaKu from 1 FINGER
  • “Evolution” by ats-, Takehito Shimizu & Toru Watanabe Feat. AXL21
  • “Build up” by Kamen Rider Girls
  • “Law of the Victory” by Rider Chips

Instrumental versions of these songs are included, making for 12 tracks all together.

Also included with the set is the CD Fullbottle, which is colored in purple and silver to match the Fullbottles created by Faust.

The set will be available on September 5th 2018 for ¥10,000.

Source: Kamen Rider Avex Sound Web

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