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TOHO Confirms Plans To Create Godzilla Cinematic Universe


TOHO Confirms Plans To Create Godzilla Cinematic Universe

TOHO plans to create a “World of Godzilla” universe instead of a Shin Godzilla sequel.

On May 12th, website Nikkei Style interviewed  TOHO’s Godzilla‘s property producer Keiji Ota. In this interview, it was revealed that TOHO has shifted its focus to creating new Godzilla movies that will have a “shared universe” in mind. Additionally, they cited the current, long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from Disney as a primary source of inspiration for this new focus.

Keiji Ota

Within the interview, Ota cited that “TOHO would rather make a “World of Godzilla” that can be used in the long-term rather than a sequel to Shin Godzilla“. Moreover, “World of Godzilla” would give TOHO the capacity to change focus on different works that would feature a different monster as the star, like Mothra for example. Furthermore, this project will expand to a myriad of merchandise.

Ota also stated that “Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. holds the merchandising rights to Godzilla overseas, so TOHO has not had the opportunity to market other Godzilla-related media overseas”. Therefore, TOHO is now making plans to advance by doing overseas marketing itself.

Sources: Nikkei Style via Anime News Network

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