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Ninja Themed Ultraman Manga to Go Out of Print


Ninja Themed Ultraman Manga to Go Out of Print

According to the author of the manga, Tsuburaya has ended a distribution agreement with digital publisher, eBookJapan.

The “Complete Version Ultra Ninpocho” compilation volumes as well as the illustration collection associated with the series will go out of print on May 28th.

Kazuhiko Mido, author of the manga, urges those who have so far bought the manga little by little to buy the complete version as soon as they can. The news came as a surprise to Mido, who was informed that Tsuburaya is “reviewing” their business and publishing strategies. The author also conveyed his sadness as the entire story had yet to be reprinted via the “Complete Version” printings, which were initially met with great fanfare.

Ultra Ninpocho is a manga that began in 1992 and ran for 22 volumes covering 100 chapters and a short “bonus” chapter. The comedic manga featured various Ultraman characters recast as ninja, including “Man” (Ultraman) and “Seven” (Ultra Seven). The Ultra Ninja serve and protect the peaceful country of Tsurukame from an invading faction. The series won the 2004 Kodansha Manga Award.

Source: Kazuhiko Mido’s Twitter

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