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Toujima Tanzaburou​ Wants To Be A Kamen Rider Manga Announced


Toujima Tanzaburou​ Wants To Be A Kamen Rider Manga Announced

New manga written by Yokusaru Shibata about “Kamen Rider Love” to be released in June.

On March 31st, it was announced that manga magazine Monthly Heroes will be publishing a new manga series titled, Toujima Tanzaburou Wants To Be A Kamen Rider. This manga will be written by Yokusaru Shibata, best known for writing and illustrating works such as Air MasterKaiten One, and Tanikamen.

Yokusaru Shibata

This manga is centered on the theme of “Kamen Rider Love”, with a synopsis that is as follows:  “Toujima Tanzaburou is a 40-year-old man who has aspired to be a Kamen Rider since he was a child. He discovers some news that Shocker has appeared. His destiny will change forever…”.

Source: Mainichi via Daisuki Toku

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