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Mitsubishi Electric Introduces “Kamen Reito Shun” in New Ad


Mitsubishi Electric Introduces “Kamen Reito Shun” in New Ad

Mitsubishi runs parody ads for “Kamen Reito Shun”, starring Yoshihiko Aramaki.

Mitsubishi Electric has decided to use tokusatsu as a means to help promote their brand of consumer electronics with the introduction of their parody cool hero, “Kamen Reito Shun.” The “reito” in the name is in reference to the Japanese word for refrigeration or freezing. It is worth noting that although “kamen” or “mask” is used in the name, the hero does not wear any sort of face covering.

The hero displays power and attacks that reflect the characteristics of the refrigerators that Mitsubishi Electric sells, such as being able to store meat at below freezing temperatures without freezing it solid. The hero’s secondary move is named after the refrigerators’ ability to allow ingredients stored within it to be easily cut without having to be defrosted. The finishing blow is in reference to the low temperature the refrigerator is know for maintaining.

Voice actor Ryusei Nakao (Dragon Ball Z‘s Freiza) provides the voice for the monster in the video, Hieeza.

Source: Nijimen Website via Anime News Network

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