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Kamen Rider Build Insert Song Announced


Kamen Rider Build Insert Song Announced

Avex announces a new song debuting in upcoming episodes of Kamen Rider Build.

Avex, the music label that provides music for the Kamen Rider series, as announced that Kamen Rider Build will feature a new insert song titled “Ready Go!!”. The song will be performed by AXL21, an offshoot of the pop band Next Generation Unit X21.

The main members of this new band are Shuri Tanaka and Mae Suenaga, with likely rotations from Rina Matsuda, Mami Nagao, Sakura Komoriya, Kawaguchi Yurina, Nanaka Ozawa, Manami Igashira, and Yamasaki Saaya.

The song was crafted through the combination of ats-, Takehito Shimizu, and Toru Watanabe, which they consider to be “super creators”. Typically taking a producer role, they have won a combined total of 13 Japan Record Awards with over 40 million CDs sold, and are all working together for the first time. They have also worked with big names such as Ayumi Hamasaki, who is known as the “Empress of J-pop”, and AAA, who performed for Kamen Rider Den-O.

The future of a CD release for “Ready Go!!” is uncertain, but it will be debuting in episodes 27 and 28 of Kamen Rider Build.

Source: Avex Management

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