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Godzilla x SuperGroupies collaboration fashion line announced


Godzilla x SuperGroupies collaboration fashion line announced


The clothing company SuperGroupies announced a fashion line inspired by Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. The line features a variety of items including a jacket, boots, watch, purse and more, in three different collections, focusing on Godzilla, Haruo, and Metphies.

The highlight of the line is a Godzilla-inspired leather jacket, with zipper pulls and detailing that is reminiscent of the monster’s claws, and a dark green lining to evoke Godzilla’s skin. It is priced at 19,800¥. There is also a backpack with a jagged border motif that has been seen on other Godzilla-inspired items, some silver stud accents, and green lining, which retails for 15,800¥. Additionally, the Godzilla theme is carried on to a nice watch (19,800¥), boots (19,800¥) and a smartphone wallet case (3,900¥).

The Haruo-inspired items include a small shoulder bag (9,800¥), watch (13,800¥), smartphone case for recent iPhone models (3,900¥), and patent leather shoes (14,800¥). The shoes are black patent leather with blue accents and the rest of the items follow a similar color scheme, to make for a matching set.

Meanwhile the Metphies-inspired items are purple & white, following the character’s outfit, and include shoes, phone case, purse, and a watch. The shoes are white pumps, with purple accents designed to look like embroidery, and sell for 14,800¥. The phone case (3,900¥) and purse (10,800¥) are also white with purple and gold accents. The watch has a white face and dark purple band and retails for 13,800¥.

Pre-orders are open for all items until December 3rd at the SuperGroupies website.  Items will be released in 2018, in February, April, and May.

Source: Crunchyroll, SuperGroupies.

Mary Jo is a trained librarian currently working for an experiential marketing firm. When she's not at work, she loves to cosplay (mostly toku characters), take lots of photos, and staff conventions.



  1. Malikon

    November 25, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    $3,000 for a jacket or $2,400 for the backpack?! O.O

    ….$2,400. for a backpack??…is it made out of Godzillas actual scales? hahaha

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