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This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [9/3 to 9/9]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [9/3 to 9/9]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs, speed boats, chicken heads, and cozy blankets mark the end of the season.

  • Hiroki Iijima and Atsuhiro Inukai (Emu from Ex-Aid and Sento from Build) chill together.
  • Renn Kiriyama (Shotaro from Kamen Rider W) advertises the climax of Code Name Mirage on an arcade speed boat.
  • Masaki Suda (Phillip from Kamen Rider W) remembers the premiere date of Kamen Rider Double, that began his acting career.



  • Kaho Takada (Misora from Build) warms up before a shoot.
  • Hideo Ishiguro (Gai from Ultraman Orb) takes a photo with his mates in the Diesel showroom.
  • Arisa Komiya (Yoko from Go-Busters) feels the need to watch Kamen Rider Build now that she knows Yukari Taki (Sawa from Build) appears.

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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