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Kamen Rider the Diner Introduces New Menu Items to Celebrate Kamen Rider Black’s 30th Anniversary


Kamen Rider the Diner Introduces New Menu Items to Celebrate Kamen Rider Black’s 30th Anniversary


The official Kamen Rider theme cafe in Japan announced special menu items to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kamen Rider Black.  

Starting from September 22nd to October 9th, Kamen Rider themed cafe, Kamen Rider the Diner, will be serving special menu items in celebration of Kamen Rider Black‘s 30th anniversary. The classic tokusatsu series premiered on the Tokyo Broadcasting System channel on October 4, 1987.

Kamen Rider Black remains a Japanese domestic and international fan favorite, airing in countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Kamen Rider Black  also received a direct sequel series titled, Kamen Rider Black RX, which would later be adapted as Saban’s Masked Rider in the United States. Black is considered by fans to be the most iconic Kamen Rider series from the 1980’s.

With each menu item, specially designed badges will be given with each menu item purchased. The badges have 10 variations and 5 special metal designs. The menu items include:

¥880 – Crispy Fried Noodles BLACK
Henshin with the powerful starchy sauce! Crispy Fried Noodles BLACK!

¥680 – Gorgom High Priestess’ deep fried xiao long bao 
The reason why the xiao long bao was deep fried, not steamed was all because of Gorgom’s fault!

¥830 – RX which became a pig
RX becomes a pig

¥680 – Bilgenia Plate
My dish is worth becoming the next Creation King

¥730 – Ridoron Desert bread
I am Ridoron. RX, I am your comrade and your desert!

¥780 – Shadow Vodka Tonic (black vodka, tonic water, green cherry)
Stop Nobuhiko! I cannot drink your cocktail!

¥730 – My youth float (coffee, chocolate ice, red cherry)
A bitter youth coffee…this is youth, my youth.

¥780 Gorgom’s last day (plum wine, soda, olive)
A final blow to the Creation King!

¥680 – RoboRider Voltec ginger (coke, ginger ale, mango ice block, coke ice block)
I am the drink of sorrow, RX! RoboRider!

¥680 – BioRider Spark Soda (violet syrup, blue syrup, collagen jelly, tonic water)
I am the drink of anger, RX! BioRider!

Source: Kamen Rider the Diner Twitter

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