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Mech Cadet Yu Becomes Ongoing Series


Mech Cadet Yu Becomes Ongoing Series


Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa’s hit new comic series Mech Cadet Yu has been upgraded from a miniseries to an ongoing.

One of the newest titles from BOOM! StudiosMech Cadet Yu tells the story of a young janitor who accidentally bonds with a giant robot and has to join an elite class of cadets being trained to save the world. The first issue, which we reviewed for the Comics Corner, sold out at the distributor level during its week. Such a positive reaction for an original series spurred BOOM! to upgrade the title from a limited series to an ongoing book. Now, instead of wrapping up after the first four issues, Mech Cadet Yu will continue on past the originally planned story into new territory.

The BOOM! Studios press release includes these messages from Pak and Miyazawa,

“I’m hugely thrilled and so grateful to all of the readers, reviewers, and retailers who showed the first issue so much love and spread the word about the book,” says Pak. “That kind of word-of-mouth means all the world to an underdog book about an underdog hero and his underdog robot, so thank you so much! None of this would have happened without you, and we’re doing our best to make every issue the best and most fun it can  possibly be.”

“I feel like we would just be getting on our two feet with the first four issues, so it’s going to be amazing to see where the story goes and watch Stanford and Co. face bigger threats and become even bigger heroes,” adds Miyazawa. “Stanford has come such a long way already. I hope everyone keeps rooting for the kid!”

Check with your local comic shop to see if there are any more copies of #1 available, and while you are there be sure to preorder #2 before August 21st to ensure you get a copy when it hits stands on September 13th.

Source: BOOM! Studios Press Release

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