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Artists Celebrate Giant Monsters by Participating in #KaiJuly2017 Art Tag

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Artists Celebrate Giant Monsters by Participating in #KaiJuly2017 Art Tag

Similar to the annual #Inktober art tag, artists from around the world celebrated all things giant monsters with the #KaiJuly celebration. 

#KaiJuly is a portmanteau of kaiju, from the Japanese word for “strange beast,” and the month of July. The social media hashtag encompasses all posts celebrating the giant monster film genre and, most notably, highlighted the artists who presented daily kaiju illustrations and art pieces.

  • Matthew Daley, Toronto based digital illustrator and kaiju enthusiast, designed a series of skateboard decks based on various kaiju attributes.

  • Artist, Karen Luk, used traditional brush and ink for her kaiju art pieces and currently running a Kickstarter campaign to create a print compilation booklet for her #KaiJuly2017 illustrations.
  • Lisa Naffziger, started her #KaiJuly2017 with the kaiju from the film Pacific Rim, and including the classic Ultraman franchise kaiju, such as Eleking and Zaragas, as well as other pop culture giant monsters like, Falcor from Neverending Story.

#kaijuly2017 day 28: Kanegon #kaiju #kaijuly

A post shared by Lisa Naffziger (@lisanaffziger) on

  • Rich Bloom, designer for Image Comics’ C.O.W.L series, is currently participating in another art challenge #robots265 in which artists draw a robot design every day. In the process, he also included some iconic kaiju mechs for #KaiJuly2017

#KaiJuly posts not only included artists’ work, it also included other social media posts from tokusatsu and kaiju fans alike celebrating their love of the genre, such as photos of their favorite films, vinyl and articulated toy collections, and more. 

If you or an artist you know has a piece they would like to add to this list or to future Artist Features, please let us know in the comments below or you can use the submission box in the Contact Us page.

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