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William Winckler Productions to Dub Three New Ultraman Movies


William Winckler Productions to Dub Three New Ultraman Movies

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William Winckler Productions announces new English dubs for three Ultraman movies.

Earlier this year, William Winckler Productions premiered the official limited theatrical release of Ultraman X: the Movie and Ultraman Ginga S: the Movie with English dubs. Winckler is back with new English dubs for three Ultraman movies in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions.

In addition, Winckler announced new team member and veteran voice actor William Knight, who is known for his role in various anime shows such as Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, and more. Knight will portray elderly Susumu Kurobe in the English dubs.


Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy The Movie centers around the evil Ultra warrior, Ultraman Belial, as he assembles an army of revived monsters to rule the galaxy and destroy the Ultramen.

The voice cast includes:

  • Paul Stanko – Ray & Musashi/Ultraman Cosmos
  • Beau Rue Marie – Belial
  • John Katona – Ultraman Mebius
  • Phil Milner – Zoffy & Ultraman Leo
  • William Knight – Ultraman
  • Daniel Van Thomas – Ultraman Zero
  • G. Larry Butler – Ultra Father, Ultra Seven & Zarab
  • Bryan Forrest – Ultraman Dyna, Young Zero & Guard 1
  • Lisle Wilkerson – Ultra Mother
  • Anisa Vong – Ultra Boy & Ultra Kids
  • Brad Potts – Ultraman Jack
  • Frank Gerrish – Ultraman Ace & Hyuga
  • Josh Madsen – Oki
  • Valerie Rose Lohman – Haruna & Teen Girl
  • Michael Kunselman – Kumano
  • Kyle Rea – Ultraman 80 & Shaplay
  • Kent Shocknek – Battlenizer Voice
  • Robert Axelrod – Ultraman King
  • William Winckler – Ultraman Taro & Zetton
  • Adam Sartain – Raybrad & Astra
  • Jay Dee Witney – Guard 2


Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial follows Ultraman Zero, son of Ultra Seven, and his investigation into the mysterious Ultraman Belial, now known as Kaiser Belial.

The voice cast includes:

  • Daniel Van Thomas – Ultraman Zero, Darklops
  • Beth Ann Sweezer – Princess, Yurian
  • Anisa Vong – Nao, Young Nao, Young Run
  • Robbie Stubbs – Run
  • Kyle Rea – Ultraman Eighty, Kaiser Belial
  • Adam Sartain – Narrator, Guru, Darkgone
  • Paul Stanko – Glenfire, Young Man
  • William Winckler – Ultraman Taro, Jean Bird
  • David Foy Bauer – Mirror Knight
  • Larry Butler – Ultra Seven, Ultra Father, Iaron, Giru
  • Phil Miler – Zoffy, Pirates, Hiro
  • William Knight – Ultraman, (British) Mirror Voice
  • Brad Potts – Ultraman Jack, Pirates
  • Marty Hrejsa – Garu
  • Lisle Wilkerson – Ultra Mother, Mina, Woman
  • Frank Gerrish – Ultraman Ace, Pirates
  • Linda Weinrib – Grandma
  • Jay Dee Witney – Pirates, Crowd


Ultraman Saga follows a team of young women, Team U, and the Ultramen as they battle to save the earth from Alien Bat and his monster Zetton.

The voice cast includes:

  • Justin Andrews – Taiga
  • Anisa Vong – Hina, Takeru, Boy 2, Cosmos’ Son
  • Linnea A. Sage – Anna
  • Elyse Bertani – Lisa, Girl 1, Boy 1
  • Lexi Eiserman – Sawa, Girl 2
  • Sarah Jenks – Misato
  • Theresa Croft – Nonko, Girl 3
  • Annie Knudsen – Maomi
  • Bryan Forrest – Ultraman Dyna, Boy 3
  • Daniel Van Thomas – Ultraman Zero
  • Paul Stanko – Ultraman Cosmos
  • Adam Sartain – Alien Bat, Nakajima
  • Larry Butler – Ultra Seven
  • Phil Miler – Ultraman Leo
  • Kent Shocknek – Hibiki
  • William Winckler – Go Hideki
  • William Knight – Ultraman
  • Brad Potts – Ultraman Jack
  • Frank Gerrish – Ultraman Ace, Kohda
  • Lisle Wilkerson – Yumimura, Takeru’s Mom
  • Linda Weinrib – Grandma, Mother
  • Jay Dee Witney – Technicians, Father 2

Source: William Winckler Productions Press Release

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